Kitrina Falcone's the name. You may know me better as Carmine Falcone's youngest brat or maybe I robbed you blind and know me as Kitty Hawk. Or maybe you're with the Bat Pack, in which case you'd probably know me as Catgirl. These days though, I just go by Kitrina Falcone.

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I'm in costume! Call me, Misfit!: The Cat and The Not-So-Bat


You could tell it was getting cold in Gotham, Charlie’s lips were chapped and she was buried in the fabric of her I HEART MET-U sweater. She crossed her legs to keep warm, underneath the sweatpants and jacket was her Misfit costume but she’d been standing out in the cold so long waiting for…

 After Charlie had sent her a rather blunt text message asking to meet for unknown reasons, Kitrina agreed and was now standing on a rooftop looking over Central Park. It’s not like Kit had anything better to do. 

But that doesn’t mean she had to be on time. Kitrina was now at least half an hour late. She grinned at the thought of Charlie still waiting for her. Kit, on the other hand, would not wait for anyone. If they weren’t there at the exact time she requested or sooner, Kitrina would have left without a second thought.

Guessing that Charlie wasn’t asking for just a play date, Kit brought her costume this time. As she looked over the edge of the building, she noticed the annoying- and shivering- redhead sitting there waiting for her. Kitrina zipped up her jacket as if that’d help fight the cold air from getting in.

Kit glanced around to find a building that was closer to the ground. With so much head-turning, her hair fell into her face. Kitrina blew it away before stuffing her hands in her pockets and walking to the other side of the building. She gave herself a little room before running and jumping onto another, shorter, building. Landing on her feet like the kitty-cat she is, Kitrina stood up from her squatting position and walked to the edge of the building she was now on. Kit walked along the edges of the building until she found a dumpster in one of the alleyways next to the building.

Without checking to see if the lid was closed, Kit jumped off the edge of the building. Kitrina sighed in relief when she realized she wasn’t lying in a pile of garbage. She stepped off the dumpster and onto the cold cement of Gotham’s sidewalks. Sure, she could have just walked to Central Park on the streets like a normal person. But, then again, what’s the fun in being normal?

Kitrina Falcone approached the annoying girl known only as Charlie. For a second, she questioned whether or not she should turn and run- realizing that she was actually about to spend the rest of her night with this girl. But it was far too late now. Kit stood two feet in front of the Charlie with her hands on her hips. Kitrina sighed, watching her breath fog out into the cold air before speaking.

"So, what’d ya want?"

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