Kitrina Falcone's the name. You may know me better as Carmine Falcone's youngest brat or maybe I robbed you blind and know me as Kitty Hawk. Or maybe you're with the Bat Pack, in which case you'd probably know me as Catgirl. These days though, I just go by Kitrina Falcone.

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I'm in costume! Call me, Misfit!: The Cat and the Not-So-Bat


After Charlie had sent her a rather blunt text message asking to meet for unknown reasons, Kitrina agreed and was now standing on a rooftop looking over Central Park. It’s not like Kit had anything better to do.

But that doesn’t mean she had to be on time. Kitrina was now…

So, Kitrina came all the way down to Central Park so she could play hero with Misfit. Great, she thought, I get to babysit the wannabe-vigilante. Not to mention the teen had acted as if Kit should be greatful that she waited for her. If this was going to be her point of view on this throughout the rest of the night, the two girls were not going to get along very well. Not that Kitrina had expected as much, she just planned on ignoring Charlie as often as she could.

Charlie held out her hand to Kit in a some-what friendly way after she had finished talking. Kitrina simply ignored the gesture, keeping her hands in her jacket pocket. Kit clicked her tongue as to inform Charlie that she might as well put her hand down. Just because Kitrina agreed to help her doesn’t mean they are automatically best friends.

"Alright, what do you need me to do?" Kitrina asked after a long and awkward pause.

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    Kitrina smirked at the look of annoyance on Charlie’s face after she denied her the handshake. But when Charlie had...
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    Charlie clenched her hand when Kitrina didn’t shake it highly debating punching the girl. She was remembering how in...