Kitrina Falcone's the name. You may know me better as Carmine Falcone's youngest brat or maybe I robbed you blind and know me as Kitty Hawk. Or maybe you're with the Bat Pack, in which case you'd probably know me as Catgirl. These days though, I just go by Kitrina Falcone.

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Trick or Treat

How did I spend my Halloween, you ask? Well, I certainly wasn’t going door to door and asking for candy. I had better things to do- like taking a cat nap directly after school. What? It’s tiring, school. First you have to wake up at an ungodly hour, then you have to sit through countless hours of lecturing. Finally, you stare at the clock for the last five minutes of school until the bell rings and you bolt out of that hell hole as fast as you can.

But that’s not important at the moment. By the time I woke up, all the good candy would have been gone. My reasons for the following actions are completely logical.

I strolled through the dimly lit streets of Gotham. I admired a few of the houses I walked passed. Why I decided to walk around in the nicer parts of Gotham, I will never know. They aren’t usually as interesting in my opinion. Not that my opinion matters or anything.

A few yards ahead of me, I noticed some little kids playing around. They were trying to see who could clime a tree faster. To climb the thirty-foot tree, they had to leave their candy bags on the ground. I grinned, sneaking behind some nearby bushes. I licked my lips at their almost half full pillow sacks. What can I say- I have an awful sweet tooth.

I scooted as close to their candy bags as I could without being seen before reaching out and snatching one of them up. I clutched the pillow towards my stomach and walked away without being seen.

It’s like stealing candy from a baby.

Oh wait…

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